Thought Leadership

Is your company credible?

Consumers need to have confidence that a health brand is able to deliver the services they’re promising. Expertise can be demonstrated through messaging , media relations and thought leadership. Developing a compelling story, told through valuable, relevant content that contributes to the industry conversation and captures the attention of influencers , will showcase your company’s ability while enhancing visibility and trust. At MERGE Atlanta, we leverage a variety of tactics to showcase your brand’s reliability and authority, including bylined articles, white papers, blogs, social sharing and awards.

Embody Leadership Through Executive Positioning

A company executive is the symbol of the brand and, as such, critical to building connections and trust with customers. Developing a CEO persona requires finesse, as the persona has to hold true in both public and private. MERGE Atlanta works with executives to build an engaged and consistent leadership presence. Through coaching, workshops, scenarios and media relations training, we prepare executives to meet the demands of leadership with transparency, authenticity and humanity.

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