Media and Analyst Relations

Tap into the Power of Influencers

A good influencer plan may yield articles—but a great one plan yields business results.

Building relationships with industry influencers is part of a strong PR program. These experts—including editors, journalists, professionals, spokespeople, bloggers and analysts—are highly engaged and active in the public eye, speaking at events, participating in conferences and panels, writing articles and reviews, or commenting in the media. They’re a trusted source of information that often comes with a large and loyal following. Their endorsement, whether in the form of a mention or a full-length article –brings awareness and credibility to your brand and positions the company as a thought leader.

Developing relationships with influencers is a long game. It takes time, money and perseverance. And success depends as much on having an in-depth understanding of what they’re looking for as it does on finding the right influencer. That’s where we come in.

One Size Does Not Fit All

At MERGE Atlanta, we help our clients secure mindshare through a comprehensive influencer relations program tailored to your unique business objectives. We’ll first help you determine whether it’s the best use of your resources, depending on immediate priorities and needs and then make sure their existing brand aligns with your company’s mission and vision. We’ll also help:

- Research the right types of influencers to fit your business needs
- Determine the right mix of paid partnerships and earned opportunities
- Develop media lists and editorial calendars
- Facilitate face-to-face briefings, and media and analyst tours
- Track and analyze coverage

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