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eBook: Elevate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

April 11, 2019 | Kris Krava
Digital Marketing

If the term “digital marketing” conjures thoughts of your ad spend across digital platforms, you’ve got part of the picture right. But only a very small part. In reality, successful digital marketing encompasses many more tactics — and a much more strategic approach.

That’s the upshot of the eBook, Digital Marketing in 2019: A 360o Approach.

This eBook touches on a few of the evolving trends influencing digital marketing today, and also discusses some key questions you need to ask to develop a strong, steady digital marketing strategy. It then goes on to explore 5 crucial areas of focus in the current digital marketing landscape:

  • content marketing
  • SEO
  • paid media
  • email marketing
  • analytics

For example: What message will deliver the highest chance for conversion? That’s one of the core questions every marketer must ask. How you answer it, however, requires an awareness of the growing distrust of media messages. Facing the scrutiny of skeptical audiences, content is still king — but not just any content. Flexibility and relevance are essential. The chapter on content sheds light on the kind of information most likely to resonate with cynical target audiences.

As the best-practices chapter notes, “It will forever be true that effective digital marketing delivers the right message to the right audience at the right time.” For a bit of insight into how to do just that, download Digital Marketing in 2019: A 360o Approach — and elevate your digital marketing strategy in the process.

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