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Content is more than controlling your web rank. It communicates your brand’s mission and vision through every page. MERGE Atlanta takes a strategic approach to website content writing that places equal emphasis on captivating users while providing your site with maximum search engine optimization (SEO).

Our team of experienced writers and editors use the inverted pyramid style approach to writing web content – meaning, your target audience will have the best chance to grasp the most important points on the page. Moreover, as web content experts, our writers are able to express ideas in fewer words and shorter paragraphs. Whether a user reads each word or scans the page, they’ll be sure to receive the message you’re sending.

Web Content That Delivers Results

Most consumers use the internet as the first point for research about solutions to resolve their most pressing business issues. Good Valuable website content enables them to get the information they need and connect them faster to the resources they want. MERGE Atlanta understands that speed and efficiency are at the heart of web copy. Information needs to be broken down into bite-size pieces that can be quickly consumed and answers users questions: Does this brand know the industry? Do they get me or my problem? Do they have a solution? Can they prove it?

Set the Foundation with Research Driven Keywords

Our goal is to make sure content delivers results. That’s why we develop content using a strong keyword strategy and following usability best practices. Our content drives results by:

• Maximizing strategic keyword focus
• Enhancing usability
• Focusing on driving conversion
• Increasing page rankings
• Improving targeted web traffic

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