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MERGE Atlanta helps health brands maximize social media by establishing a presence across various platforms and using them as a launch pad for content distribution, including white papers, case studies, industry articles, blogs and videos. We focus on best practices for quality engagements with consumers to support your lead nurturing and thought leadership efforts. We’ll enhance your social media presence by:

• Developing a relevant follower base: We create targeted lists of followers that include industry influencers, trade media and your existing client base and then build on these high-quality leads.
• Focusing on meaningful engagement with consumers: To avoid burnout, we’re careful to facilitate dialog around important topics, such as industry trends, to organically grow your social media following.
• Distributing useful, consistent content: In addition to having meaningful conversations, we’ll help you create and distribute high-quality content that resonates with your audience and shows the value of your brand.

Connect Through Social Media Content

Social sharing is about more than conversation. It’s a credible and trusted source of information that people use to learn more about products and services. When it comes to health, customers turn to social media to research symptoms, illnesses and treatment options. They read reviews of doctors and experiences other people have had with a clinic or hospital. Same goes for B2B companies. Audiences review social media profiles to better understand products and companies as a whole. Social media is a powerful, accelerated means for connecting brands with consumers and businesses— and distributing valuable content—yet few are taking advantage of the platform or using it to its full potential.

Say “Yes” to Long-form Content

In today’s marketing environment, long-form content such as white papers and e-books may seem a little outdated. Quaint, even. With clients and prospects busily digesting tweets, blogs and other “snackable” content, why toil to make a 10-course meal they might not finish?  

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NACCDO-PAMN: Cure Cancer Sooner

The words “Cure Cancer Sooner” are the most efficient use of words – and the most meaningful choice of words I’ve seen lately. On the t-shirts of the “home team,”.....

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