Social Media

Today’s consumers are demanding increased transparency and interaction from businesses of all kinds. In a world where more people put their trust in opinions from “someone like me,” social sharing has established itself as a credible source of information that informs decision-making. The true power of this dynamic medium lies in its ability to engage your audience in an immediate and very human way to create a trusted relationship.

Extend the Reach of Your Brand

Social media offers companies a wealth of options for driving their message forward, from slide share presentations and blogs, to LinkedIn communities and video sharing platforms. Just as your brand is unique, not all social media platforms are the same. MERGE Atlanta can help you get the most out of your message and reach the right audience through the right platform with a comprehensive social media strategy:

  • Develop a strategy that supports your business objectives
  • Create a voice that represents your company and its mission
  • Choose platforms that are right for your brand
  • Focus on non-promotional activities that further engagement and reputation
  • Find a participation level that is both comfortable and effective
  • Leverage technology to maximize consistency, reach and monitoring

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