Reputation Management Is More Than Crisis Control

Reputation management is often confused with crisis communications.

Maintaining a strong corporate reputation in the healthcare industry is a competitive advantage that drives brand recognition, patient acquisition, revenue and standing in the market. At MERGE Atlanta, we help health brands maintain their reputation and standing in the market by:

• Examining how internal and external audiences perceive your brand
• Researching the brand environment to determine challenges and opportunities
• Providing meaningful, relevant content to customers
• Getting involved in the conversation in an open and transparent manner
• Sharing success stories that humanize the brand and engage audiences
• Developing relationships with key stakeholders

Proactive reputation management shields your company against a crisis while building trust and transforming how customers experience your brand.

Building Your Reputation and Image

Reputation management is often confused with crisis communications. While they often go hand-in-hand, they are actually two distinct programs. For example, when a company experiences a negative event, or crisis, how they talk about it impacts the public perception of the company – its reputation. More than crisis control, reputation is the expectation and experience of a company’s value, such as its credibility or respect in the market. For health brands, reputation is essential to the company’s success and survival. In the complex, fiercely competitive healthcare market and dynamic social environment, where perception can change in an instant, reputation management should be proactive and ongoing.

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