Customer Personas That Breathe Life into Your Marketing

A persona is a fictional profile of your ideal buyer that represents segment of customers. More than demographics, the persona shares typical characteristics of the group, such as interests, values, fears, challenges and goals.

Defining the target audience into buyer personas will ensure your marketing campaigns emphasize the points that are most important to them. It will also help you to determine some of the greatest obstacles you will face in reaching your target audiences, and how these challenges can be overcome. For example, if you want to truly connect with your patient community, you must know who you are trying to connect with. Based on their medical situation, you must understand them and be prepared to help provide answers to their health questions. Personas are powerful storytelling tools that can give your internal teams a cohesive language and approach to communicating with customers.

Take away the guesswork

At MERGE Atlanta, we help you personalize your marketing efforts by developing accurate personas. There are a number of ways we do this:
• Interviewing prospects and customers
• Interviewing your sales team who have already been sending out emails and following up on leads
• Mining an in-house database to identify characteristics of the best and worst customers
• Conducting keyword searches for topics of interest
• Sending out surveys

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