Does Your Market Know Who You Are?

With expanding media outlets and new digital channels, it’s tough for health brands to get noticed. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup or have been established for years. PR helps companies get seen and heard, bring new products and services to light, help develop a powerful identity and move the company’s perception from where is now to where it needs to be. But for a PR campaign to be effective, it has to be built a solid foundation of concise company messages that can be used for all communications. Without this, your customers can’t tell you apart from the competition.

There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Different.

You know what makes your brand stand out from others, but your target audiences may not. At MERGE Atlanta, we help ensure your business stands out from the crowd. Our strategies and tactics fuel the first round of brand awareness – making sure your market takes notice. We outline your differences and highlight the benefits your product or service offers, including:

• Brand positioning
• Brand promise
• Value propositions
• Elevator pitches
• Boilerplates
• Company stories
• Taglines

Elevating the Experience of Your Brand

People care deeply about the actions of the corporate entity, just as much as the quality of products and services. In other words, a brand isn’t just a company—it’s an experience or a relationship, one that’s built on trust, value and loyalty. We help health brands articulate how they serve their target customers and the larger community. Linking messaging with your brand’s mission, vision and values means customers are more likely to buy your products, recommend the company, invest in it and trust it to do the right thing.

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