Merger & Acquisition Communications

Strategic Communications During an M&A

During a time of transition, it’s important to provide ongoing communications to customers throughout the integration efforts about how it impacts them – ahead of any major milestones. A clear timeline and reassurance that they will be well taken care of goes a long way. MERGE Atlanta offers expert guidance in navigating M&A communications. We help you mitigate risk through a number of proactive steps, including:

• Identifying and analyzing stakeholder concerns
• Creating and aligning key messages to support the change
• Establishing appropriate communications channels
• Building support for change, internally and externally
• Establishing communications plans, timelines, touchpoints and cadence of communications

Take the Right Action at the Right Time

Planned mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can be powerful growth accelerators for health brands—but they also present some of the most challenging PR obstacles a company can face. The stakes are high, uncertainty prevails, news travels fast and truth is a moving target. With executives under the stress and constant scrutiny, the last thing a company wants to do is add more reasons for stakeholder dissatisfaction, which often happens with business transformation. Brands need an effective communications strategy to stay in control of the narrative.

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