Marketing Content

Engage consumers with targeted content. Every click through, every download and every form completed is an act of trust. Offering genuinely relevant content that inspires or answers questions builds your brand’s credibility and invites a closer look. What consumers want and need will depend on where they are in the buying process.

At MERGE Atlanta, we combine expert content strategy, asset creation and marketing tactics to tell your brand story and create exceptional experiences across the journey from purchaser to owner to advocate.

Content That Connects People and Brands

When it comes to content marketing, we believe the journey is the destination. That’s because the best content marketing uses a variety of assets – whether blogs or case studies, videos or one-pagers — to support the consumer at every touchpoint across path to purchase and beyond.

Content marketing generally relates to how a brand thoughtfully and purposefully attracts, acquires, educates and engages consumers. Content marketing takes the story-telling, relationship-building strength of PR and combines it with the sales-focused, attention-grabbing strategies of marketing to accelerate brand awareness, audience engagement and conversions.

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