Market Research

Prepare for take off.

Launching a product or service without understanding the market landscape is like taking off in a plane without a pre-flight checklist. What you overlook, ignore or don’t plan for can be fatal to business.

Know Your Market Inside and Out

Market research is essential to creating an effective message or a strong brand. It provides key information about your market’s buying habits and motivations, how your brand is perceived by your target audience and those consumers or businesses you want to reach.

Healthcare is a dynamic market. The way care is marketed, delivered and sold is constantly changing. Market research offers insights into healthcare trends and is vital to understanding how the industry works as well as where your solutions fit in. Staying current with industry and regulatory changes is a daily necessity. Market research gives you the advantage of being able to serve your clients as a solution provider as well as act as an advisor with deep industry expertise.

Our Insights

Joanna Horn Joins MERGE Atlanta as Vice President

MERGE Atlanta today announced Joanna Horn has joined the agency as vice president. to oversee client partnerships, drive enhanced performances and manage client teams.

HIMSS19 is Over: Now the Strategic Fun Begins

In the midst of the show, it’s easy to get caught up in theoretical debates about different ways to solve enduring healthcare challenges. But now that we’re back on home turf, healthcare brands must return to some ground level questions: What did we learn? And, what do we do now?

MERGE Atlanta Hires Kris Krava as Executive Creative Director

Kris Krava joins MERGE Atlanta as executive creative director to provide strategic oversight for digital and traditional marketing, creative, customer experience, and technology efforts.

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