Prepare to Act If a Crisis Arises

Trust is fragile, in short supply and absolutely essential to the success of health brands.

Every company faces different types of reputational risks, both real and perceived. At MERGE Atlanta, our PR pros act as your trusted advisor during times of crises, helping to create confidence in your brand and restore customer trust. We help you:

• Assess your brand’s potential areas of risk
• Develop an emergent plan that fits your needs
• Act quickly and communicate authentically
• Respond rapidly across platforms and channels
• Tell your positive stories.

Getting ahead of the story is key to restoring trust, credibility and brand affinity over time. We focus on working with clients to communicate an apology, an explanation and any other information they want — in the most human way possible — and move the situation toward resolution.

Crisis Communications

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

It takes years to build your reputation — and only a moment to destroy it. In today’s always-on social media environment, where storylines evolve in real time, any issue can catapult your brand into an ugly and very public controversy. Crisis communications, especially in the healthcare industry, has great magnitude. Patients and businesses expect to trust a healthcare organization – to provide high-quality care, have integrity and good values. After all, healthcare is personal, and a relationship between a healthcare organization and their customers is often largely built upon trust. If you’re unprepared during a crisis, you risk irreparably damaging your brand, your customers’ trust and your bottom line. Having a crisis communications plan in place can mean the difference between success and failure.

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