Competitive Analysis

Make competitive analysis part of your go-to-market strategy.

Many businesses view research as a luxury given the budget, but those that rely on research as part of their overall go-to-market strategy know it costs far less to launch your offering right the first time. In a crowded and rapidly changing space, today’s health brands are finding they need to take their products and services to market in new ways. Competitive research is crucial to helping meet that end, whether its listening to market feedback on new needs and pain points or positioning new products with target-market validated messaging.

Get Actionable Insights with Research

Competitive analysis is a critical piece of your marketing strategy. It takes a close look at who you’re up against, what they offer, how they talk about themselves and what others are saying about them. When surveying the brand landscape, a competitive analysis can help you:

• Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors
• Know the products and services others offer and how they compare
• Get insight into what customers are looking for
• Assess your key differentiators
• Position your company to gain the advantage
• Determine thought leadership opportunities

Competitive research arms you with actionable insights. With a deeper understanding of who you’re up against, you can plan and develop communications that are realistic as to where you sit in the market and take advantage of competitor approaches.

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