Public Relations

Meaningful Relationships are Key to PR Success

What’s the job of a healthcare PR professional? You could say that it’s to help healthcare organizations push their messages to the market. In reality, though, that’s not enough for today’s sophisticated healthcare consumers.

Elevate Your Media Relations Efforts: A Helpful Guide

A sound media relations program should play an integral role within an organization’s overarching marketing…

PR 101: Lessons Every Marketing Professional Needs to Know This Year

It’s back-to-school season, so we thought we’d throw it back to the basics: PR 1101…

The Role of Healthcare PR Agencies

From pharmaceutical and medical device companies to hospitals and health plans, healthcare remains one of…

Public #RelationshipGoals

I was recently having a conversation with an old college friend over dinner about our…

Packing a punch with proactive PR planning

The approval of postponing the ICD-10 deadline to 2015 got me thinking about the importance of…

‘Tis the Season for Trends: Communication and Public Relations Trends 2017

The end of a new year is often time for reflection – What went well?…

Character Count Update on Twitter: How to Keep Your Audience Engaged with a 280-Character Limit

Recently, Twitter announced its move to roll out a new character limit to most users, excluding…

Podcast: Reputation Management Is Your Most Valuable Asset: How to Manage It Day-To-Day, Not Just in a Crisis

Crisis communications and reputation management often go hand in hand: A crisis occurs and the…



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