Digital Marketing

eBook: Elevate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

This eBook touches on a few of the evolving trends influencing digital marketing today, and also discusses some key questions you need to ask to develop a strong, steady digital marketing strategy.

SEO Basics and Keyword Research

What is keyword research and analysis in SEO? Learn how to build dozens of keywords in a scalable strategy for SEO content with the MERGE Atlanta team.

Marketing Automation: The Key to Smart Content Distribution

The benefits of sound content marketing planning and execution is well documented. B2B companies spend…

Think Further Outside the Box

Your average C-level executive probably still thinks that investing in a social media campaign constitutes…

3 Ways Marketing Automation Can Make Your Sales Enablement Program a Success

Sales and marketing alignment is a challenge that continues to plague organizations across all industries,…

Marketing Automation Basics: Your First 100 Days

Getting started with a new marketing automation platform and its strategy can be daunting. The…

Content Marketing Tip: Start with a Strong Foundation to Build a Robust Content Program

At Dodge, we emphasize the value of repurposing content. The “create once, publish everywhere” (COPE)…

Webinar Recording Available – Winning Strategies for Selling and Marketing to Healthcare Organizations

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar, “Winning strategies for selling and marketing to healthcare…

Q&A: Inbound Marketing Strategies to Maximize Lead Generation

A recent report from HubSpot cited that 54 percent more leads are generated by inbound marketing…



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