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Is your content making the right connections? At MERGE Atlanta, we constantly strive to improve the effectiveness and distribution of rich content that speaks to the needs of your target audiences. Whether we’re communicating with patients or talking tech for B2B, we help build relationships that evoke positive perceptions and a high level of credibility.

Right Audience, Right Information

Through our deep understanding of every aspect of healthcare, we know how to find the right audiences and connect with them in meaningful ways, from initial introduction through final transaction. Guided by a finely-honed content strategy, we integrate keyword research into every aspect of writing while ensuring copy is fresh, smart and relevant – and most importantly, effective.

Writing content that speaks to your audience and gets your message across in an influential, inspiring way

Case Study: Aesynt

Branding & Corporate Identity

Needing to re-enter the market, MERGE Atlanta rebranded Aesynt and launched the company to the market through creating its visual identity, messaging and content materials.

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Creating Meaningful Trade Journal Content

Trade journals—industry-specific publications that deliver relevant information to target audiences—can be an ideal medium for connecting with potential customers. Here are five tips to keep in mind to ensure your trade publication articles effectively communicate your expertise.

Say “Yes” to Long-form Content

In today’s marketing environment, long-form content such as white papers and e-books may seem a little outdated. Quaint, even. With clients and prospects busily digesting tweets, blogs and other “snackable” content, why toil to make a 10-course meal they might not finish?  

A Memorable Conference: HITMC and the Power of Moments

I’m still coming off a HITMC high after a few days among my fellow Health IT marketers and communicators. It was a conference full of firsts as a first-timer in my own right: my first time in Boston, my first time speaking at a conference and....

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