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For human-to-human communications that build trust and loyalty.

Healthcare is a dynamic and innovative space. There’s no time for doing business-as-usual or following the status quo. You have to meet your audience where they are, address their pain points head on and propel the conversation with big thinking that delivers value. At MERGE Atlanta, we fuse strategic and creative thinking to offer clients a wider and more insightful perspective. We bring big ideas to the table while keeping your business objectives in mind. This is how we strengthen brand awareness, thought leadership and demand in a highly competitive healthcare environment to ultimately position our customers for success. As partners, we enable our clients to maximize their presence and tell their stories with earned, owned, shared and paid opportunities that drive engagement and conversion.


We develop communications plans based on authenticity and simplicity to differentiate and elevate brands across paid, earned, shared and owned channels.

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Our communications are designed to leverage the latest technology platforms. But we believe in the importance of maintaining humanity in every technology solution.

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We create in-depth, focused communications programs to help clients achieve a leadership position as a trusted industry voice.

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We create highly effective, strategic campaigns that include better SEO, SEM, PPC, CRM integration, micro-level web analytics and personalized content that deliver results.

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We ensure you reach your audience with the right information, through the right channel, at the right time with content that creates a positive brand experience and builds thought leadership.

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We create meaningful pieces that stand out in a cluttered media environment, delivered in an authentic, simple, clear and human way.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We were at a critical turning point for our business, and knew we needed a partner that could help us elevate our visibility to the hospital c-suite to drive sales. MERGE Atlanta was integral to helping us develop our corporate voice and guiding our approach to communicating with customers and prospects. By defining our corporate message and developing educational content tailored to a wide audience with unique individual challenges, we’re demonstrating the value of our new offerings and strengthening our relationships with some of the most well-known health systems in the country.”


“MERGE Atlanta is a trusted partner you can count on to develop strategic enterprise healthcare solutions for websites. They are committed to understanding our market challenges and providing ideas, valuable insights and strategic guidance along the way.”


“Having worked closely with MERGE Atlanta at a former company, I knew it was essential to re-engage when I arrived at DIA. The most successful PR engagements are ones where agency and client seamlessly work together and MERGE is truly an extension of my team. I can always count on them for insightful PR strategy, flawless execution and out-of-the-box thinking for impactful results.”


I’ve been working with MERGE for quite a while and we recently engaged them to help develop a lead generation campaign that included emails and supporting content. Not only did the campaign and the gated eBook generate new leads, but it also improved existing customer data which allowed for renewed outreach to them! It was so successful that it was even presented as a best practice in our global sales meeting

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