Our Story

Dodge Communications and AVID Design joined forces under one roof as MERGE Atlanta. Together, we make a marketing communications and technology agency for healthcare.

The name MERGE reflects our belief that a collaborative approach leads to more creative and brand-transformational programs for our clients. We bring together our deep understanding of healthcare and uncommon expertise in digital communications to help clients make meaningful and lasting connections.

Here at the agency, we spent the second half of 2017 combining and integrating operations, teams and centrally locating the companies into one office space. And what’s best, we discovered that one plus one really equals three. We’ve expanded our staff, our services and our thinking.

Even more, by combining Dodge's strategic PR and marketing expertise with AVID's genius for website design and development, we’re better positioned to solve tough business challenges and meet our clients’ needs in a complex and dynamic marketplace.

Our new brand creates a leading national digital communications agency with nearly 40 years of combined experience working with hundreds of healthcare clients, including healthcare IT, hospitals and health systems, provider groups, payers and life sciences.

Perhaps most exciting is that MERGE Atlanta has a slightly different flair that we believe will ultimately benefit our clients, merging passion with purpose, science with story and experience with energy to position our healthcare clients as leaders. And together we will continue to serve our clients with ability, agility and humility.

We help clients connect with humans, whether as business leaders or consumers in MERGE healthcare markets, leveraging paid, earned, owned and shared digital strategies to drive engagement. Our offerings include overarching brand strategy, website creation, mobile apps, digital strategy and marketing, PR and social programs.

MERGE Atlanta operates under parent company MERGE, formerly known as Myelin Communications. MERGE has offices in Atlanta, Boston and Chicago.



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