Audience Insights

Make business personal with data

The better you understand your audience, the more strategic, personal and targeted you can be in your communications. At MERGE Atlanta, we help you identify the right audiences for your products and services and leverage insights in order to create marketing campaigns that resonate with consumers, influencers and B2B decision-makers.

Using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research, we take a deep dive into who your audience is to determine what they like and don’t, where they receive their information, how they prefer to communicate, their values and pain points, and the types of information they need.

Our data-driven audience analysis can help you:
• Target new customer segments
• Understand the best ways to reach them
• Align targeted communications to the buyer’s journey
• Personalize their experience
• Stay apprised of trends

Map their path to purchase

Audience insights is a key piece of ensuring you deliver the right message, at the right time and across the right channels. Knowing what your customers need and how they interact with your brand means you can guide them on their path to purchase, offering valuable information that matches where they are in the buyer’s journey to build awareness, credibility and trust.

Creating Meaningful Trade Journal Content

Trade journals—industry-specific publications that deliver relevant information to target audiences—can be an ideal medium for connecting with potential customers. Here are five tips to keep in mind to ensure your trade publication articles effectively communicate your expertise.

Say “Yes” to Long-form Content

In today’s marketing environment, long-form content such as white papers and e-books may seem a little outdated. Quaint, even. With clients and prospects busily digesting tweets, blogs and other “snackable” content, why toil to make a 10-course meal they might not finish?  

A Memorable Conference: HITMC and the Power of Moments

I’m still coming off a HITMC high after a few days among my fellow Health IT marketers and communicators. It was a conference full of firsts as a first-timer in my own right: my first time in Boston, my first time speaking at a conference and....

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