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Creating Meaningful Trade Journal Content

June 27, 2019 | Jill Gardner

Trade journals—industry-specific publications that deliver relevant information to target audiences—can be an ideal medium for connecting with potential customers. The readers of these periodicals are keen to stay informed on industry-specific topics and trends. By publishing informative and thought-provoking articles in these publications, a company can cost-effectively reach highly-qualified buyers, sharing its knowledge, experience and message. Well-crafted and insightful content can go a long way to cementing your company’s reputation. As readers start to make buying decisions, they will already be familiar with your organization, thinking of you as an industry leader.

To reap the most benefits from trade journal pieces, you must be intentional about what you cover and how you approach content creation. Here are five tips to keep in mind to ensure your trade publication articles effectively communicate your expertise.

Avoid being promotional. The best articles shy away from talking about products or services. Instead, they tackle things like current trends, best practices, market challenges and so on. If an article reads too much like a fluff piece promoting a company’s product, it will not only fail to capture readers’ attention, but it could also seem overly self-serving, which can often put off prospective customers.

Be a thought leader. Be sure to approach the topic you are covering from a unique angle, so your piece stands out. By offering a fresh perspective, you can highlight your company’s knowledge of the subject and emphasize a commitment to innovation.

Focus on issues that relate to your business. Although this may seem obvious, organizations sometimes get caught up in the trend of the moment and feel they need to weigh in. However, if a trend does not directly relate to your business and you can’t offer a unique, knowledgeable perspective, then you won’t see much benefit from the article. You are better off delving into other topics that are more relevant to your mission instead of jumping on the bandwagon.

Use real-world examples when you can. People like to read about other organizations that have tried things, overcome challenges or achieved great success. The more you can include actual examples in your pieces, the more interesting they will be. Plus, a real-world example can underscore the point you are trying to make, illustrating the benefits of your company without being promotional.

Be sure the piece is well written. Although many of your company’s leaders are probably well-positioned to share their opinions and expertise, they often don’t have the time or the writing chops to craft a concise and compelling article. Whether you look internally or seek the help of an outside content expert, it is imperative to find someone who can distill the main points of your company’s thought leadership and communicate them in a comprehensive and persuasive manner.

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