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Content Marketing Tip: Start with a Strong Foundation to Build a Robust Content Program

May 26, 2016 | MERGE Atlanta team
Digital Marketing

At Dodge, we emphasize the value of repurposing content. The “create once, publish everywhere” (COPE) approach is an effective method to leverage in a content development strategy. But where do you start? We recommend developing a long-form piece of content to build a strong foundation. Below, you’ll find more insight on the benefits and details of this strategy.

Long-form content. What does that mean? A long-form content asset is typically over 1,200 words. For example, a white paper, eBook or industry report that offers in-depth information of an industry landscape would quality as a long-form piece.

Should it be educational or product/service-specific? Typically, we recommend educational as a starting point. This is your opportunity to showcase your organization’s industry expertise. Before pushing your product or service, you need to demonstrate thought leadership to build trust among your target audience. An educational piece of this nature can be used across a variety of channels, which we’ll get into in a bit.

How can my organization make the most of this piece? Reuse and repurpose! We can’t emphasize it enough. Each long-form piece can be the launching pad for several subsequent pieces. For example, a white paper focusing on three key pain points for healthcare organizations shifting towards value-based care could serve as the core asset for a three-part blog series on the subject – the first focusing on the need to improve quality of care, the second on lowering costs and the third on improving patient engagement – to really expand on each topic while still honing in on key elements from the long-form piece.

What channels should a long-from content piece be leveraged on? As previously mentioned, long-form content can be distributed across multiple channels, including a lead nurture campaign or via social media. Also, the valuable nature of long-form pieces provides an optimal opportunity to be leveraged on landing pages and behind forms on your website to increase conversions to support lead generation initiatives.

What’s next? Get started! Build that first piece of long-form content by honing in on key industry pain points and then dig deeper through the development of subsequent pieces using the long-form piece as the foundational content asset.

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