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Reach Prospects Through Valuable, Targeted Content

September 1, 2015 | MERGE Atlanta team
Digital Marketing

Content and personalization – two key elements of lead generation. Combine good content tailored to your audience and you’re on your way to reaching your buyer in a meaningful, effective way. A recent study shows that buyers cite difficulty when it comes to finding the right information during the research process, thus resulting in the lack of vendor knowledge necessary for a purchasing decision. As a marketer, it’s your job to alleviate the need for buyers to jump through hoops to find you, and reach them yourself. This can be done by catering content to your buyer. Below, the three stages of the buying cycle are outlined along with content strategies for each.

Awareness phase. At the top of the funnel it’s important to focus on educating your buyer. In this stage, the type of content you distribute should not be company branded or promotional but should offer an understanding of your buyer’s problems. This is likely your first touchpoint with the prospect and an opportunity to show an understanding of the industry in general, not your company or specific product. Content types include white papers, analyst/industry reports, webinars, videos and infographics

Consideration phase. Here you have grabbed your buyer’s attention and need to capitalize on this opportunity. They’ve narrowed down their decision to just a few companies and are looking to find out which one can best suit their needs. It’s important to know their pain points and provide specific examples of how your company can help. Provide them with brand-specific content like case studies and product-specific blog posts that hit on their specific problem, showing how your company or product can help meet their goals.

Decision phase. It’s time to seal the deal. Your prospect is almost ready to make the purchase, but they need to know how to do so. Provide materials that outline the next steps in the partnership, such as product literature, buyers’ guides and customer testimonials.

Consider developing a content marketing plan specific to the buying cycle that advances leads through the funnel, and you’ll be one step closer to transitioning prospects into buyers.

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